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IMTA as a body have for many years been proud to support Surveyors who have sought to be Registered as “IMTA Registered Surveyors”. Each Surveyor is required to make an application to the IMTA Board. Only Surveyors who are proposed to IMTA Board and approved by that body as being known to IMTA for their stated expertise can be accepted as an IMTA Registered Surveyor.

Clients that Surveyors enter into contracts with can include Traders, Wholesalers, Manufacturers, Producers, Insurers, P&I Clubs, Hauliers Liability Insurers, Cargo Insurers. The expertise they provide ranges considerably from inspections of product to assist in implementing quality standards such as HACCP, BRC accreditation through to Legal Expert witness guidance.
Each surveyor may have slightly different skills and points of differentiation, please see the Surveyors List and Profiles.
Surveyors are available to allow Members, Associate Members and others to utilise their service should they require.

By providing the details of each surveyor IMTA are not promoting or guaranteeing the skills of specific surveyors and cannot be held responsible for any contract entered into between the Surveyor and his client.

Eric Smith


Misc information:

Considerable expertise as a qualified auditor covering areas involved in not only as a Surveyor regarding inspection of meat to determine specification, dealing with product failure and condition problems, providing guidance on microbiological issues but also establishing and implementing systems of accreditation i.e. BRC, HACCP conducting training programmes. Providing technical crisis management support for Insurers on issues relating to meat.
For further information contact also by email ericsmithassociates@yahoo.co.uk (CV attached)



56 Fold Green Chadderton Oldham OL9 9DX United Kingdom

Phone: 0161 284 6668

Mobile: 07764 685669


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If you wish to be considered for inclusion on the list of registered meat surveyors, please contact us for further details.