The International Meat Trade Association

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Ahead of the referendum IMTA held a series of meetings of its EU referendum working group. IMTA did not take a view on what the favoured outcome would be. The group produced an information paper to provide members with facts about potential implications for the sector.


The association now has a key role to play in ensuring that our members (both importers and exporters) get the best outcomes possible out of the deal to be negotiated between the UK and the EU and similarly the UK with other partners across the globe. 


IMTA issues frequent updates on Brexit to members to provide one concise summary of key news as it evolves. 


IMTA has convened a series of working groups on import, export and technical issues relating to Brexit and has issued two papers - one an Overview of the UK meat trade and the other a Policy Paper (please get in touch for details). 


UK Government Position Papers:

Future Customs Arrangements Paper


Northern Ireland and Ireland Position Paper


Goods on the market paper


Confidentiality and access to documents position paper


Providing a crossborder civil judicial cooperation framework position paper


Enforcement and dispute settlement position paper




Trade policy whitepaper


Customs Bill whitepaper



 European Commission Negotiating Papers can be accessed here.



Members Only Content (require log in to view)

IMTA EU Referendum Discussion Paper

EU Referendum Working Group – Report of meeting 10th December 2015

Oxford Farming Conference Phil Hogan & Owen Paterson Debate

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