The International Meat Trade Association

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The IMTA Membership consists of companies engaged in importing, exporting and international trading in meat and of meat wholesalers and distributors.
We also have an Associate Membership category catering for those whose interests are linked to the meat trade, such as Shipping, Banking and Cold storage, as well as meat organisations based in supplying countries.
The Members are informed of changes in legislation. Also, they are provided with trading terms, trade reports, statistics and assisted with day-to-day legislative issues.
The Association has a very active Board of 19 members which meets bi-monthly, and a number of sub-Committees specialising in different subjects.
Trading terms 
IMTA provides the Members with trading terms. The Conditions of sale have been in existence for many years and are linked with an Arbitration Service that is available to anyone who trades on IMTA Terms.
Lobbying activities 
IMTA has regular meetings with Department of Food, Environment and Rural Affairs (DEFRA), Rural Payments Agency (RPA) and Food Standards Agency (FSA). IMTA is also in close contact with the EU Commission in Brussels where it is represented on the Sheepmeat Advisory Committee.
IMTA's President sits on the UECBV boards and chairs the UECBV Import Working Group.
Meat Surveyors 
The Association maintains a list of Registered Meat Surveyors who are able to provide meat surveys for members and non-members alike.